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At Intex Facades we offer a wide range of building envelope related services.

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Steel Framing System (SFS)

SFS is an extremely versatile, load bearing system designed for the construction of infill panels, continuous walls and forming parapets. Components can be manufactured to bespoke sizes, according to project requirements or can be supplied in standard lengths and cut on site.

IFL are approved Metsec SFS installers.

Brick Slip

Brick slip wall cladding embodies the warmth and character of natural clay whilst providing a solution where a full brick system is not practical. Brick slip delivers an authentic finish and is perfect for creating a traditional or industrial appearance, whilst being durable and versatile.

Brick slip systems can also provide A1 & A2 fire performance.

Fibre Cement

Fibre Cement cladding offers an attractive, affordable alternative to Stone. Panels are lightweight and can be produced in through coloured, large format, textured or grooved finishes, with a variety of colours available.

Fibre Cement can also offer an A2 fire performance.

Aluminium Cassettes

Aluminium Cassette cladding offers the ability to be produced in small and large format sizes with many colour options. It comes with minimal maintenance and is impact and weather resistant, providing a safe and impressive long-lasting facade.

PPC Aluminium also provides an A2 fire performance.


Composed from high-strength, alkali-resistant glass fibres embedded in a concrete matrix, Glass Reinforced Concrete is an efficient lightweight cladding system which can be moulded into nearly any shape. GRC is highly energy efficient and can achieve BREEAM A+ material ratings and is extremely versatile in achieving a variety of smooth, profiled, printed or textural finishes.

GRC also gives an A1 fire resistance.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles provide an outstanding aesthetic appearance with lasting vibrancy of colours and strong resistance to weather conditions. As Terracotta is composed from natural materials, it is a popular choice for sustainable new build projects, due to its minimal impact on the environment.

Terracotta also has an A1 non-combustible fire performance.


Stone cladding systems provide a natural finish to compliment and blend in with their environment, often used on new projects surrounded with long-established buildings. There are many engineered and quarried stone options available, providing a classically beautiful, long lasting façade.

Stone also has an A1 non-combustible fire performance.


Aluminium Composite Material is available in a range of custom colours and finishes, including gold, zinc, copper, and stainless steel. ACM is robust, lightweight, and low maintenance, making it ideal for creating curves on external facades, soffits and fascia’s.

ACM’s are now produced in A1 & A2 non-combustible cores.


Lightweight yet durable, Zinc is unique due to its distinctive aesthetics, it provides a modern appearance whilst being self-protecting and non-ferrous, delivering reliable protection and good looks, for years to come.

Zinc also provides a non-combustible fire performance.


High Pressure Laminate cladding is affordable, lightweight, and durable, making it an excellent exterior façade material. HPL panels can be face or secret fixed and can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, making HPL panels a practical solution for any new project.


Cedral weatherboarding is an attractive, sustainable, low maintenance alternative to traditional timber weatherboarding. Resistant to pests, insects and harsh weather conditions, Cedral weatherboard offers a great option for projects with a tight budget.

Cedral also provides an A2 fire performance.


Timber cladding is an attractive and very economical façade. Naturally durable timbers such as Larch and Cedar provide a hard wearing, protective layer against harsh weather conditions and deliver excellent insulation and can be treated with a fire-retardant coating. The natural aesthetic appeal of wooden cladding is timeless.


Enamel cladding is extremely robust and durable, making it the ideal product for areas with heavy foot fall or extreme wear. It is also graffiti resistant and highly resistant to acids and alkalis, resulting in a high strength architectural panel.

Enamel is also non-combustible.
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